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January 21 - March 5

Hoedown At Hart Park

It’s time for the Annual Hoedown at Hart Park! The number one event to ever hit The Mighty Kern River. After not being able to hold the event for the past two years, the townsfolk are beside themselves when the event is finally brought back. But, a silent land grab is underway that no one knows about and could threaten not only the greatest event the town knows, but the entire town itself. Find out what shenanigans lie ahead in this brand new, first of the year, melodrama!

March 18 - April 30

Meet Me At The Bluffs

A classic story of young love and the many obstacles that face a new budding romance. If there is any place in town that has all the answers to life’s deepest questions, it obviously must be… The Bluffs. William Wenatchee and Wendy Watermain don’t know what lies ahead, but they are prepared to find out together. This brand-new melodrama comedy is as whacky and wild as they come and sure to have the whole family belly laughing in the aisles!

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Fox Schedule Image

May 13 - June 25

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Fox

When it’s only three days until the grand reopening of the most majestic place in town, things can sometimes get a little crazy. Will the caterers arrive on time? Will the paint in the grand lobby be dry by the time the doors open? Will the general manager ever find out where everybody is? Will the crowds want to come back? Will The Fox Theatre survive opening night and live to tell? Find out the answers to these questions and more in this exciting and hilarious, brand-new melodrama!

July 8 - September 3

The Phantom Of The Melodrama

The new owner of The Melodrama, Sir Francis Farmer, is sick and tired of not being considered a "real" theatre. To remedy this dilemma, he decides to stage the most famous musical of all time, "Phantom of the Opera". In his effort to be taken "seriously", he fires their star funny man, George Smith, and hires L.A.'s most famous actor, Stefan Worthington, to play The Phantom. This does not set well with George and he makes it his mission to become the "real" Phantom and teach the new owner the importance of making people laugh.

My Funny Frankenstein schedule

September 16 - November 12

My Funny Frankenstein

For the past five years, Dr. Frankenstein and his creation, "The Creature," have been touring the world as one of the most successful comedy song and dance teams since Hope and Crosby. But there is a price for all the fame, money and adulation. The Creature has grown tired of the road and the good Doctor can't understand why. Making matters worse is their evil manager, Frau Blah-Blah, who is intent on milking them for all that they're worth. This melodrama revival is one the whole family will enjoy! Don't miss out on the spookiest, funniest show ever!

November 25 - December 23

Gaslight Holiday Extravaganza

Those of you who have seen our past Holiday Extravaganzas, know exactly how much fun the holiday season can be here at the Gaslight Melodrama. This year, the fun continues with all the joy and merriment you've come to know from The Gaslight Melodrama. As always, this will be followed by one of Warren Dobson's always entertaining holiday vaudeville revues. Join us for this Bakersfield family tradition that has been entertaining audiences for over sixteen years! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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