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The Rustler of Rio Bravo's Revenge

January 26 - March 9

Rustler of Rio Bravo's Revenge

That ever-unpopular villain Black Bart Bushwacker, leader of the vile gang of rustlers known as "The Rustlers of Red Rock" has escaped justice and gone back to his evil ways. While posing as sheriff Ringo Bushwacker he plans his horrible revenge against gentle farm hand Quiet Harry, as he uses the Friendly farm to hide his rustled herd. Harry, always a hard worker, has found good honest work on the fruit farm of Pa Friendly. Always seeking to better himself, Harry has enlisted the aid of Pa's sweet and innocent daughter Felicity Friendly to help him to learn how to read. The plot thickens as Sheila Hussy, Evil real estate agent, shows up to get her greedy hands on the Friendly Fruit Farm. What can Pa do to stop the villains? Can the faithful cook and housekeeper Mabel Millstone help, or will her horrible secret be her downfall? Only the mysterious man with no name, Flint Westwood, can save the day...but can Quiet Harry, Mabel and the Friendlys find him in time to save the day?

March 22 - May 4

Live! From Bakersfield

Local television station, KBAK, is putting on their very first, live, St. Patrick's Day variety show! To them, it's the biggest night of their lives. Unfortunately, every performer they've hired is stuck in a massive snow storm on the Grapevine and are unable to make the broadcast. It is now up to the tireless station manager, Wanda Wonderstone, and her loyal, but inept crew, to put on the show. With less than an hour to showtime, it could be the best...or worst night of their lives. With a wacky cast of characters and more jokes than you can throw a snowball at, this is one show you won't want to miss!

Live! From Bakersfield
The Show Must Go On!

May 24 - June 29

The Show Must Go On!

What happens when an actor doesn't show up for the performance? What happens when their last minute replacement decides to change the entire setting of the show? What happens when the other actors have to go along with it, no matter how crazy it all may seem? What happens when the newest member of the cast can't handle the pressure? What happens when you throw in some soulful music? Everything and anything, that's what. Will the good guys save the day? Will the bad guys finally win? Who knows, but let's not forget about the pirates. Join us for this brand new, hilarious romp through the world of "Melodrama". Written and directed by our very own, Michael Prince.

July 12 - September 7

The Princess of Pumpkin Center

Pumpkin Center... A magical land ruled by the great and powerful, King Teddy Tyrone Taft. He loves nothing more than his daughter, Tiffany. But, when he marries the villainous Margo Merced, he becomes blinded by her evil ways and allows Margo to turn poor Tiffany into her servant. When King Teddy goes mysteriously missing, Margo assumes the throne and appoints her own daughter, Mildred, to the position of Princess. It's up to Tiffany's fairy Godmother, Buttercup Buttonwillow, and Prince Harry Hanford to help her find her father and restore order to the land, before the final shoe drops. This brand new, musical melodrama is one every parent, grandparent, child and child at heart will enjoy.

The Princess of Pumpkin Center

September 20 - November 16

The Sisters of Seven Oaks

November 29 - December 23

Gaslight Holiday Extravaganza


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