January 26 - March 9

Rustler of Rio Bravo's Revenge

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Rustler of Rio Bravo's Revenge

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That ever-unpopular villain Black Bart Bushwacker, leader of the vile gang of rustlers known as "The Rustlers of Red Rock" has escaped justice and gone back to his evil ways. While posing as sheriff Ringo Bushwacker he plans his horrible revenge against gentle farm hand Quiet Harry, as he uses the Friendly farm to hide his rustled herd. Harry, always a hard worker, has found good honest work on the fruit farm of Pa Friendly. Always seeking to better himself, Harry has enlisted the aid of Pa's sweet and innocent daughter Felicity Friendly to help him to learn how to read. The plot thickens as Sheila Hussy, Evil real estate agent, shows up to get her greedy hands on the Friendly Fruit Farm. What can Pa do to stop the villains? Can the faithful cook and housekeeper Mabel Millstone help, or will her horrible secret be her downfall? Only the mysterious man with no name, Flint Westwood, can save the day...but can Quiet Harry, Mabel and the Friendlys find him in time to save the day?


Performance Reviews

Critics & Guests

"Great fun, talented cast. Went with two other couples on a Saturday night. Place was packed, so clearly a popular destination. The performance was a hoot, great singing, hilarious characterizations, really fun energy in the cast and audience."
- Sheri G., Stockton, CA

"This is a must see whatever is Showing! Been going since 1997! If you want the Best Live Entertainment Ever, Just Go, Seriously Just Go! The Best! Love it!"
- Brian O., Bakersfield, CA

"Excellent theater show where you laugh until your cheeks hurt. Talented actors who really bring the show alive making you feel as though you are part of it with the booing of villains and cheering of heroes."
- Koki & Kane S., Lake Stevens, WA

"Always charming and fun. They get the entire audience involved. This is sufficiently delightful that we plan a weekend around it, renting a room for the night and exploring Bakersfield the next day."
Eva R., Northridge, CA

"Every time I go to the Gaslight Melodrama, it's always a great time! The local actors are amazing. I always enjoy the story line of each of the plays. I would suggest anyone to take their spouse or significant other for a date night. You won't regret it!"
- Jennifer W., Bakersfield, CA